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When people think of veterinary care, the first thought that pops into mind is mammals like cats and dogs. Perhaps this is because these are the two most common types of pets. Some vets even limit their practice to these two types of animals only. 

At Apollo Animal Hospital, serving Surrey, BC, British Columbia, a veterinarian on our veterinary team can offer care to other animals besides these two. Here are some of the animals we care for and the care we provide them. 

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Types of Exotics 

Our veterinary practice does care for cats and dogs but we also care for exotic animals. 

You can find care for rabbits and other small mammals here. A veterinarian on our team can also address the healthcare needs of birds, which have different healthcare needs than mammals. 

Wellness Visits 

Your pet could use routine visits to the doctor's office, even when he is not sick. We generally recommend that all of our patients, even the exotics, come in for a check-up once per year. Those with certain health conditions may need to visit our office more frequently. 

At wellness visits for exotic pets, a veterinarian on our veterinary team will examine your pets carefully. We'll check their weight vs. their stature. We'll examine their bodies for any visible signs of an issue. 

We'll want to speak to you about any problems you've noticed with your pet. Have you noticed any behavioral changes? We may need to provide your pet with further treatment based on the results. 

Sometimes, at routine visits, we'll want to take samples to send them to the lab to evaluate your pet for certain health conditions. Certain pets may be at risk for rabies or other diseases and we'll likely encourage you to get your pet vaccinated. 

Sick and Injury Visits

While we want our pets to always be in good health and spirits, this isn't always the case. You may notice signs your pet is sick. Or, perhaps they sustain an injury that should be addressed. 

Our veterinarian can thoroughly assess your pet, determine the problem, and figure out an appropriate course of action. That may require us to write you a script. 

Get Veterinary Care for Rabbits, Birds, and Small Mammals

We at Apollo Animal Hospital, serving Surrey, BC, British Columbia, and the neighboring communities, are here to help animals. We even take care of exotic pets to help our pet owners give them the healthiest lives possible. These exotics include rabbits, birds, and small mammals. Schedule an appointment for your exotic by calling (604) 372-4411. A “veterinarian near me” is here to help.

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