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In House Cytology

Cytology is a common test that provides our veterinarian with more information about your pet’s health. At Apollo Animal Hospital in Surrey, BC, we offer in-house cytology test, which offers quick results and allows us to promptly treat your cat or dog. Before you pay us a visit, find out more about cytology below: 


What is Cytology? 

Cytology is the study of cells. Specifically, the test allows our vet to look at the shape of the cell, function, and how it is arranged. Cytology is also often utilized to determine if lumps are cancerous. However, the test can also help our veterinarian learn if your cat or dog has a condition or illness due to inflammation or abnormal tissue growth.

What Information Can Cytology Provide My Vet?

If your pet has inflammation, our veterinarian will do perform testing to determine the cause of the inflammation. Allergies, foreign bodies, viruses, and bacteria can all trigger inflammation. Once our vet has identified the cause, we will create a treatment plan. Abnormal cell growth can be a sign of cancer, however, it generally indicates a tumor.

Tumor Treatment and Removal

Cytology can also reveal which tissues are affected and if they are malignant or cancerous. These results help our vet prepare prior to removing the tumor. Malignant tumors require careful handling and diagnostic testing may be needed to determine if the cancer has spread. Our veterinarian may decide to remove the tumor. If it's malignant, your pet may need chemotherapy or radiation, in addition to the tumor removal. 

How Cells for Cytology are Collected

The most common way to collect cells for cytology is with fine needle aspiration. Our veterinarian will use a small syringe to remove cells from a lump or growth from your pet. The needle is inserted into the growth and cells are sucked into the syringe. The procedure is fast and no more painful than a vaccination. This method can also be used to collect cells from joints or cysts. If your pet has a skin issue, cells can be collected with a piece of tape or cotton ball. 

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At Apollo Animal Hospital in Surrey, BC, we provide in-house cytology to detect health problems in your pet, such as inflammation or infection and offer prompt treatment. To learn more about this service or to schedule your appointment, contact us at (604) 372-4411 today.

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