Laser Therapy

Harness the healing power of laser therapy to rejuvenate your pet's well-being at our veterinary clinic.

What is Laser Therapy?

Apollo Animal Hospital now features the cutting-edge Theralase, a Canadian-made Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device. Utilizing red and near infra-red light, Theralase accelerates healing by targeting injuries or lesions, promoting wound and soft tissue healing, alleviating inflammation, and providing relief for acute and chronic pain. LLLT has demonstrated faster and often earlier efficacy compared to traditional surgery or therapy, resulting in reduced treatment and recovery durations.

A Streamlined Approach

Theralase laser therapy boasts efficacy rates of up to 90%, delivering safe, effective, and painless results, often with immediate effects and no adverse reactions.
Laser light diminishes swelling from bruising or joint inflammation, enhancing joint mobility and stimulating deep tissue regeneration for pain and inflammation relief.
Yes, Theralase laser therapy is non-toxic and painless, yielding immediate results without any side effects.
Yes, it facilitates faster wound healing and closure by reducing scar tissue formation and promoting the reabsorption of fibrotic tissue through collagen biostimulation during the healing phase.

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