IDEXX Catalyst One

Experience streamlined veterinary diagnostics with IDEXX Catalyst One, delivering rapid and precise results for optimal pet care.

IDEXX Catalyst One

Elevate your veterinary practice with IDEXX Catalyst One. This cutting-edge diagnostic system streamlines workflow and enhances patient care by delivering rapid, accurate results for a wide range of blood chemistry parameters. Its user-friendly interface and automated processes simplify testing, saving valuable time and ensuring efficiency. From routine screenings to complex diagnostics, trust in Catalyst One to provide the highest standard of care with confidence and precision.

IDEXX Catalyst One aids in managing renal function by providing comprehensive blood chemistry analysis, allowing for the evaluation of key markers related to kidney health.
Yes, IDEXX Catalyst One facilitates liver health monitoring through accurate assessment of liver function parameters, enabling early detection of liver issues in pets.
IDEXX Catalyst One assesses electrolyte balance by analyzing blood chemistry parameters, helping veterinarians identify and manage electrolyte imbalances that can impact pet health.
Absolutely, IDEXX Catalyst One offers thyroid function testing, allowing veterinarians to evaluate thyroid hormone levels and diagnose thyroid disorders in pets.

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