In House Cytology

Access rapid, in-house cytology diagnostics for precise veterinary care.

What is In-house Cytology?

In-House Cytology stands as a vital component of veterinary diagnostics, offering a detailed analysis of cellular structures in pets. This advanced diagnostic tool empowers veterinarians to provide comprehensive care for pets, enabling early detection and management of various health issues. Beyond merely identifying tumors, cytology plays a crucial role in diagnosing conditions related to inflammation or tissue abnormalities. With its ability to uncover subtle cellular changes, cytology ensures that cats and dogs receive the precise medical attention they need, promoting their overall well-being and longevity.

A Streamlined Approach

Cytological testing is instrumental in determining the underlying cause of inflammation, whether it’s due to allergies, foreign bodies, viral infections, or bacterial agents. This diagnostic clarity allows your veterinarian to formulate a precise treatment strategy tailored to the specific inflammatory trigger.
Cytology plays a crucial role in evaluating tumor characteristics, helping veterinarians distinguish between benign and malignant growths. This information is vital for planning surgical interventions and ensuring precise treatment decisions to optimize your pet’s well-being.
The primary method for gathering cellular samples for cytological examination is fine needle aspiration. This minimally invasive technique allows for efficient collection from lumps, joints, or skin issues using tape or cotton balls, minimizing discomfort for your pet.

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