Additional Services

Discover additional ways Apollo Animal Hospital enhances your pet's health and wellbeing.

Apollo Animal Hospital offers comprehensive emergency and routine care, including medical, surgical, and dental services. Led by Dr. Renu Sood, our experienced team treats serious conditions and provides regular wellness care in a comfortable, kid-friendly environment.

Advanced Laser Therapy

Experience the benefits of Advanced Laser Therapy for your pet, promoting faster healing and pain relief. Our expert team at Apollo Animal Hospital ensures safe and effective treatments tailored to your pet's needs.

Exotic - Bird

We provide expert care tailored to the unique health needs of exotic birds. Trust our skilled team to deliver compassionate and specialized treatment for your feathered companions.

Exotic - Rabbit

We offer specialized care for exotic rabbits, addressing their unique health requirements. Rely on our experienced team for compassionate and expert treatment for your furry friends.

All kinds of services for your loved ones!