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Vetscan Imagyst

There are a lot of animal lovers in British Columbia. At Apollo Animal Hospital, we are ready to help the pets from Surrey, BC, get the care that they deserve, including getting the correct diagnostics from imaging.  We are excited to be using the next step in diagnostic technology, VETSCAN IMAGYST. While it may seem like an unusual name, there's nothing unusual about what this technology can deliver.


Using the Power of AI to Help Diagnose Your Pets

We can use this to determine what condition is ailing your beloved companion. The AI can examine samples of everything from dermatology, fecal, blood smears, and even cytology. It's a much more effective way of diagnosing your pet’s condition than other previous options. This is the future and our veterinarian loves it.

A Streamlined Approach

At an Animal Hospital, time is at a premium. We don't want you, the pet owner, to be waiting for any longer than you have to. VETSCAN IMAGYST streamlines all of that. As a result, we can get answers in a matter of hours, not days. This will help us be able to tell you what is ailing your pets and how we can treat it. Also, we can possibly catch certain conditions much earlier than we might have in the past. That will allow us to start treatment early and even cure it.

By using this technology, we'll also have access to specialists all around the world who can look at the results and give a specific diagnosis. Again, technology will help get you in and out of the waiting room much faster than in the past. That's bound to be a lot less stress for you and your furry companion.

Best of all, if you need us to look at your horse, we can do that, too. VETSCAN IMAGYST provides equine options in addition to traditional pets. 

Having a sick pet can be very stressful. Having to wait for results can be even more so. With VETSCAN IMAGYST, you can get an answer much faster. Then both you and your pet will be able to go home faster and start treatment. That's going to be a relief for your whole family. This new technology can do a lot for you.

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