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Dental Health Beyond Brushing

Most people know that regular dental visits are important for their own health, but many pet owners don't realize that their furry (or feathered) friends need regular dental care too. Read More

The Neutering Debate

There is an age-old debate among pet owners, and it revolves around the question of whether to spay and neuter or not to spay and neuter. And so it begins. Read More

DIY Dental Care for Dogs

DIY Dental Care for Dogs Oral hygiene is an essential aspect of responsible dog ownership. Neglecting your dog's oral health can lead to bad breath, loose teeth, and painful infections. Fortunately, Read More

Unique Pets, Unique Care

Unique Care for Unique Pets While many of us understand how to care for cats or dogs, did you know exotic pets often require special considerations and treatment to maintain health Read More

Skin Allergies in Pets

Skin Allergies in Pets If you're looking for a vet in Surrey who understands pet allergies and skin conditions, our team at Apollo Animal Hospital is here to help. We can Read More

Exploring Laser Therapy Techniques

Exploring Laser Therapy Techniques Many people have questions about the advanced laser therapy provided at Apollo Animal Hospital in Surrey. These therapeutic techniques are all very similar in nature and can Read More

Spaying A Health Choice

Spaying: A Health Choice Most pet owners are aware of the benefits of spaying female animals to prevent pregnancy and control the pet population. However, the other benefits, especially those related Read More

The Neutering Decision

The Neutering Decision To neuter or not to neuter, that is the question. Yes, we know what our dear friend thinks, but much like our children, they don't always know what Read More

Unveiling Exotic Pet Care

Unveiling Exotic Pet Care Exotic pets have different needs than standard pets like dogs and cats. It's important to work with a vet experienced in exotic pet care to keep your Read More

Canine Dental Hygiene

How to Keep Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene Strong Good dental hygiene in your dog is crucial for maintaining its overall health and happiness. Poor dental hygiene can lead to more than Read More

Healthy Skin Tips

Healthy Skin Tips For Pets If you're caring for a pet, it's crucial to take pet dermatology seriously. Unfortunately, like humans, pets can suffer from a variety of health problems related Read More

The Importance of Pet Dental

The Importance of Pet Dental Sometimes, pet owners think that pets don’t need pet dental care. Unfortunately, poor dental hygiene can lead to a lot of dental health problems, including cavities, Read More

Laser Therapy Benefits

Laser Therapy Benefits At Apollo Animal Hospital, your vet in Surrey, BC, our team strives to help your pet get and stay healthy. One of the treatments we offer at our Read More

Viewing 1 - 13 out of 13 posts

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