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Pet Urgent Care

Pet Urgent Care Services at Apollo Animal Hospital

Pet care for the longevity and happiness of your pet are of utmost importance. The Apollo Animal Hospital Veterinarians and team care for the wellbeing of your pet through all the stages of their life.

We help you with medical issues, but also help with all of the everyday pet care needs that you have. Whether you’re looking for simple cleaning or grooming or getting your pet the right food.

Advanced Laser Therapy Treatments

Apollo Animal Hospital has added a state of the art Theralase to the therapy we now offer. Theralase is a Canadian-made Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device that aids in healing by using red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation and give relief for both acute and chronic pain. 

Pet Dental Cleaning

  • It is imperative that your pet’s mouth is cleaned on a regular basis
  • Dental diseases can cause havoc for animals, just like they can pose problems for humans
  • We offer dental cleaning and care so that they do not have to endure oral disease

Pet Grooming

  • When things get a bit rough with your pet’s coat we can help. We have a very experienced onsite groomer available to you: Pretty Pets by Donna

Pet Nail Trimming

  • We can provide services that will have your pet’s paws pristine and cut the nails so that they aren’t scratching or making noises on your hard wood.

Pet Boarding

  • When you’re going away on a trip, it’s best not to leave your pets at home alone for a long period of time
  • We offer pet boarding so that someone is there to feed, care, and play with your pet while you’re gone
  • Our boarding area is right near the window and within the actual hospital and not in a back room like many boarding places leave your cherished pets
  • The vet is right there to look after your pet as well

Veterinary Diets

  • Pets have different dietary needs across the board
  • It becomes important to make sure that they are eating right at every stage of their development
  • We offer a variety of diet options to ensure that they are eating the right kinds of foods for optimum health throughout their lives

Pet Identification

  • There is nothing quite as heart wrenching than knowing your pet is lost we can help with identification services that will help you keep peace of mind if they get loose or lost.

End of Life

  • Losing a pet is the hardest thing that many people face in a lifetime a pet can live many years, but there comes a time when they pass away, and that can be very difficult to deal with
  • We offer services to help not only cope with the loss but know what to do with them after they have passed on

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