Breeding Services

We offer professional breeding services to ensure the health and quality of your pets.

Apollo Animal Hospital offers comprehensive emergency and routine care, including medical, surgical, and dental services. Led by Dr. Renu Sood, our experienced team treats serious conditions and provides regular wellness care in a comfortable, kid-friendly environment.

Artificial Insemination

We offer expert Artificial Insemination services to enhance breeding success. Our skilled veterinarians use advanced techniques to ensure precise and effective procedures, prioritizing your pet's health.

Caesarean Section

Our skilled team provides expert Caesarean Section services, ensuring the safety of mother and offspring with 24/7 emergency care and state-of-the-art facilities.

Vaginal Cytology

We offer essential vaginal cytology services, providing valuable insights into reproductive health and fertility. Our skilled veterinarians ensure thorough analysis to maximize breeding success.

All kinds of services for your loved ones!