Diagnostic & Surgical Services

We provide comprehensive diagnostic and surgical services to ensure your pet's health and well-being.

Apollo Animal Hospital offers comprehensive emergency and routine care, including medical, surgical, and dental services. Led by Dr. Renu Sood, our experienced team treats serious conditions and provides regular wellness care in a comfortable, kid-friendly environment.


Our advanced diagnostic services provide accurate assessments of your pet's health, enabling effective and timely treatment plans tailored to their needs.


We perform precise biopsies to diagnose and monitor various conditions, ensuring your pet receives the most appropriate and effective care.


Comprehensive bloodwork services help us evaluate your pet's overall health, detect underlying issues early, and monitor ongoing treatments.

Fecal Sampling

Discover your gut's secrets with our fecal sampling services. Gain insights into microbial composition and digestive health for personalized wellness.

Mini Panels

Get rapid insights with our mini panels. Streamlined diagnostics for targeted health concerns. Efficient, comprehensive, and tailored for you.


Explore inner health with precision imaging. From X-rays to MRI scans, unlock diagnoses and treatment plans with cutting-edge technology.

Ultrasound - Abdomen

Peek inside with abdominal ultrasound. Non-invasive imaging for precise diagnoses of internal organs and conditions.

Ultrasound - Echocardiology

Hear the heart's story with echocardiology ultrasound. Detailed imaging to assess cardiac health and function with accuracy.


Dive deep into health with urinalysis. Detecting markers of kidney function, hydration status, and urinary tract health for comprehensive insights.

Spaying or Neutering

Ensure a healthier future with spaying or neutering. Safe, routine procedures to prevent overpopulation and reduce health risks for pets.

Cat Neuter/Spay

Cat neuter/spay services for responsible pet ownership. Promote cat health and curb unwanted behaviors with our safe and efficient procedures.

Dog Neuter/Spay

Dog neuter/spay services for a happier, healthier companion. Reduce the risk of certain diseases and behavioral issues while promoting responsible pet ownership.

Rabbit Neuter/Spay

Ensure your rabbit's well-being with our neuter/spay services. Safe procedures to promote health and curb overpopulation among pet rabbits.


Trust our surgical expertise for your pet's needs. From routine procedures to complex surgeries, we prioritize safety and compassionate care.

Ear Surgery

Address ear issues with precision ear surgery. Restore comfort and health for your pet with our specialized procedures.

Eye Surgery

Restore vision and comfort with expert eye surgery. Trust our skilled team to address your pet's eye health needs with care and precision.

Foreign Body Removal Surgery

Resolve emergencies with foreign body removal surgery. Swift intervention to safeguard your pet's health and well-being.

Fracture Repair Surgery

Mend broken bones with fracture repair surgery. Restore mobility and comfort for your pet with our specialized orthopedic procedures.

Orthopedic Surgery

Restore mobility and comfort with our orthopedic surgery expertise. From fractures to joint issues, trust our specialized care for your pet's bone and muscle health.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Address internal health concerns with precision soft tissue surgery. From abdominal procedures to tumor removal, rely on our expertise for compassionate care.

Pet Blood Transfusions

Ensure your pet's vitality with pet blood transfusions. Swift and safe procedures to address anemia, clotting disorders, and other blood-related issues, promoting health and well-being.

All kinds of services for your loved ones!