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We take pride in serving the Surrey, BC area for all things related to pets.


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We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming, amicable environment for both pets and their owners, every time you walk through our doors. Our compassionate veterinary team is prepared to address any inquiries and alleviate any worries, ensuring you are fully informed about all tests or procedures before moving forward.

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Dr Renu Sood

Apollo Animal Hospital is proud to serve the Surrey, BC area for everything pet-related. Our veterinary clinic, led by Dr. Renu Sood, offers comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. We are committed to educating clients on pet health, nutrition, and exercise. Our team stays updated with the latest veterinary technology and treats all pets with loving care during check-ups, procedures, or surgeries.

We welcome emergency cases and routine wellness visits. With years of experience, Dr. Renu Sood provides exceptional care for serious conditions and regular pet wellness. Our clinic is designed to be comfortable and kid-friendly, ensuring a calm environment for your pets.

  • Master of Science (Poultry Science), University of British Columbia (2009)
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalia (1991)
  • Certificate in Management for Woman Functionaries, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Shimla, India (2005)
  • Certificate of Competence in Andrological Aspects of Bull Breeding Soundness, Central Frozen Semen Production and Training Institute, Hesserghatta, India (2002)
  • Member of The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC), Canada (2012)
  • Member of the Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association (CVMA) (2012)
  • Member of the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) (2012)
  • Owner and Lead Veterinarian, Apollo Animal Hospital, Surrey
    (2013 – Present)

  • Poultry Supervisor (UBC), Veterinarian Assistant, Veterinarian Practitioner with local Vets
    (2009 – 2012)

  • Research Assistant, Animal Science, University of British Columbia in collaboration with AAFC
    (2006 – 2008)
    Role: Conducted research while completing MSc in Animal Science

  • Director, Regional Bull Centre, Palampur, India
    (2001 – 2005)
    Responsibilities: Bovine artificial insemination, milk yield improvement, herd management

  • Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Hospitals at Thural and Barotiwala, India
    (1998 – 2001)
    Specialization: Bovine reproduction and artificial insemination

  • Dispensary Manager, Solan, India
    (1996 – 1998)
    Responsibilities: Training Veterinary Pharmacists

  • Veterinary Officer, Shimla, India
    (1992 – 1996)
    Specialization: Bovine nutrition and improvement of wool yield

Why Choose us?

Caring with Compassion

Our practice prides itself on providing compassionate care to every pet that comes our way. Led by a team of experienced veterinarians and supported by dedicated staff, we ensure that each animal receives the love and attention they deserve.

Comprehensive Veterinary Services

From routine check-ups to advanced medical treatments, we offer a diverse range of veterinary services tailored to suit the unique needs of your furry, feathered, or scaled family members.

Optimal Care for Your Furry Friend

• Cutting-Edge Equipment

At our clinic, we feature cutting-edge facilities furnished with the most advanced diagnostic instruments and surgical gear available. This ensures precise evaluations and efficient treatments to safeguard your pet's health.

• Tailored Care

We place a premium on personalized attention, dedicating ourselves to comprehensively understanding your pet's distinct requirements. By crafting customized treatment strategies, we ensure that each pet receives the individualized care they deserve.

Apollo Animal Hospital is a comprehensive veterinary facility catering to both emergency cases and routine pet care needs. Led by Dr. Renu Sood, who brings extensive experience in treating various conditions and providing wellness services, we ensure top-notch care for your furry companions.In addition to delivering exceptional pet care, our clinic is designed to offer a comfortable and calming environment, welcoming both pets and their owners. Located in Surrey, our clinic is kid-friendly, ensuring a pleasant experience for all visitors.

We take pride in offering a wealth of resources to help you better understand and care for your pets. Explore our website, particularly our informative articles, to enhance your knowledge of pet care practices. We believe that ongoing nutrition and preventive measures are crucial for maintaining your animal’s health. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at  (604) 372-4411 or via email, and we’ll respond promptly to assist you.

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